Our company has been providing bookkeeping services in the UK since 2009. Experience and knowledge gained during this period enables us to firmly guide our customers through the world of accounting and British tax system letting them to avoid traps and optimise paid tax.

We are professional accounting office with licence that enables us to offer services across the UK.

We do not provide services such as help in benefits applications, accident insurances etc.

Accounting profession requires great knowledge and demands to constantly keep up with the changes on tax law (and other law) – focusing only on bookkeeping services enables us to be accurate and do our job properly.

Companies that offer wide range of services undoubtedly increase their profit, but often have to sacrifice the quality of their services.

Our company is different – honesty and taking responsibility for tasks undertaken is our priority that comes before profit.

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If you are thinking about starting your own business, first you need to decide whether you will become self-employed or set up a Limited Liability Company- Ltd.


Ask us for advice if you have doubts which alternative is best for you!



Check if you apply for tax rebate in Great Britain.

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